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    Why Invisalign is a profitable investment for you.

    Why Invisalign is a profitable investment for you. | Odontologic and training center
    19 of July

    Why Invisalign is a profitable investment for you.

    Did you know that invisible orthodontics with Invisalign can change your life?

    A priori, it may seem an exaggerated statement.

    But wait.

    We have arguments to show you why;)

    We all care about our oral health and, likewise, we are interested in the appearance of our smile.

    Therefore, we want to correct the malpositions of our teeth, because they affect the aesthetics of the face and may even influence our quality of life in general.

    For this, the ideal is to be attended by highly trained professionals with extensive experience in orthodontics, to help us achieve the perfect smile that we want.

    However, while we know the benefits of orthodontics, we avoid it for many reasons.

    First, because it is a totally unsightly and uncomfortable procedure.

    Second, because it is inappropriate for people who have an active social life and jobs that include public relations or business tasks.

    In these cases, the image of the professional with his mouth full of metal plates and wires, is a mental and physical barrier to the communication process.

    Fortunately, technological development in the field of orthodontics has allowed for more efficient ways of positioning the teeth, without the need for the unsightly wires of the past.

    This is Invisalign, a practically invisible method of orthodontics that has a high level of acceptance for being comfortable, practical, hygienic, fast and, above all, aesthetic.

    The importance of a natural smile, like you

    Having a perfect smile offers multiple benefits, not only for oral health, but also in social relationships, at work or during a first date.

    There are many situations in everyday life where a broad smile, showing flawless teeth, will be a guarantee of success and a boost of self-esteem.

    A beautiful, natural smile is the best indicator of a healthy life.

    Aligned teeth make an excellent impression

    Having your teeth in their correct position, leaves a nice impression on the first contact with people.

    According to studies in the United States, almost a third of people consider that the smile is the main characteristic that is observed when someone is known.

    A beautiful smile can remain etched in our mind for a long time. Surely when you think about it, you remember that of your partner, your children or your mother, right?

    A perfect smile is an indicator of good health

    It is known that the importance of healthy, white, straight and beautiful teeth is associated with the perception of general health of a person and even beyond, about their genetic superiority.

    That is why Invisalign is a wonderful option to correct the malposition of your teeth and provide a healthier look to your smile.

    A better smile can lead to job and personal success

    It is not just experience, knowledge and attitude that are important to achieve job success.

    A good impression can start with a broad smile that shows impeccable oral health.

    It is common for employers and head hunters to take into account the candidates’ smile during the selection process, especially for positions involving public relations, sales, direct dealing with clients and positions in which the company must be represented in public .

    In all these cases, a qualified professional who also has a cinema smile, you will have more options to stand out among the candidates for a position.

    In personal life, it is known that people with teeth aligned are 57% more likely to get an appointment than people with crooked, crowded and stained teeth.

    In addition to this, confidence increases in those with healthy dentures. People with tooth defects often laugh less and appear self-conscious to others.

    Professional reasons are those that have incited famous singers like Justin Bieber and Luis Miguel to resort to Invisalign, drastically improving the poor position of their teeth in a discreet and constant. The result? Spectacular.

    Invisalign is high technology and innovation for a perfect smile

    Spending on health and aesthetics, especially at the oral level, will always be a profitable investment, capable of producing multiple benefits.

    Invisalign is a sophisticated method that has guaranteed success and an excellent reputation worldwide.

    It is a technique where everything is digitally controlled by a computer that designs a set of transparent aligners, which apply small forces to each tooth and that the patient must change every 15 or 30 days, for a period of 6 to 24 months according to difficulty of the case.

    Invisalign is a very fashionable method of orthodontics among public figures and artists who do not wish to be displayed in public using the annoying and archaic traditional brackets.

    Is it your case? We can help you.

    Solve all your doubts about invisible orthodontics with Invisalign en Puy.

    Enjoy a delicious meal in your favorite restaurant in the center of Barcelona, ​​and take the opportunity to consult your orthodontist, Dr. Planas.

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