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    What is a pediatric dentist and why do they offer the most specialized care for your children.

    What is a pediatric dentist and why do they offer the most specialized care for your children. | Odontologic and training center
    19 of July

    What is a pediatric dentist and why do they offer the most specialized care for your children.

    When it comes to taking your children to the dentist, you should know that there are professionals specializing in pediatric patients.

    No matter how confident your dentist may be for a lifetime, it will not always be the best alternative for your child.

    Ideally, it will be taken to the pediatric dentistry office.

    • What is pediatric dentistry?

    Pediatric dentistry is a branch of dentistry that is responsible for the oral care of children and adolescents, in a preventive and therapeutic way, attending to their particularities.

    The pediatric dentist is a professional able to make your children have a positive attitude to dental hygiene and your visit to the clinic.

    No fears, no tears, no stress.

    Many of us, when we were little, did not go to this type of specialists. That’s because the development and growth of this specialty began only a few years ago.

    Did you know … a child’s teeth begin to form during pregnancy? From the fifth week of gestation the calcification of the milk teeth begins. That is why when the first tooth erupts in your mouth and we can see it, it is the result of a process that began many months before birth.

    • Why do pediatric dentists offer the most specialized care for your children?

    We are convinced that your children’s teeth are a concern for you since they were babies and you wondered when their first tooth would come out.

    So if you want to get proper care and guidance regarding your children’s oral health, make sure it’s a pediatric dentistry specialist who cares for your children.

    Did you know … there are special brushes for babies and that it is advisable to brush their teeth from the moment they appear in the mouth? When they are very small, you can also do it with a wet gauze.

    There are certain characteristics in pediatric dentists that make them the best option for your children. And we know that you want the best for them.

    These 6 reasons will convince you:

    1. In addition to possessing knowledge of general dentistry, the pediatric dentistry specialist has carried out a specialization lasting approximately two to three years, depending on where he studied.
    2. They have the widest knowledge (and better than any other specialist) about new methods, materials and dental equipment designed specifically for pediatric patients.
    3. They are trained to detect, identify and treat pediatric conditions early. The timely detection of any alteration in your child’s health will, to a large extent, prevent its subsequent consequences.
    4. A general dentist can guide any doubts to his patients. The pediatric dentist, beyond that, possesses knowledge of psychology and child pedagogy that will put into practice to clear any doubts your child has regarding their teeth and their visit to the dentist. There will be many questions, however, the specialist will respond with great patience and didactic way.
    5. They handle odontophobia (fear of the dentist) better than any other professional. In many cases, better than the same parents of the small, as they are very familiar with this situation in the dental clinic environment.
    6. They remain in constant training due to the increasing current research around this specialty.
      All these features ensure that your child not only receives the best dental care, but also make your experience much more enjoyable.

    Although touching with children is not something that is learned in college, a pediatric dentist handles methods that facilitate the cooperation of the pediatric patient throughout the consultation.

    The result will be a happy child with excellent oral health.

    And calm and trusting parents, because they know their children are in expert hands.

    Do you have any questions about your children’s dental health? Have not you yet come to your appointment with the pediatric dentist? Come visit us.

    Enjoy an afternoon of leisure in the center of Barcelona and take the time to come with them to your review.

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