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    • The Center | Puy - Dental clinic in Barcelona

      A relaxing and calming dental visit every time

    • The Center | Puy - Dental clinic in Barcelona

      A relaxing and calming dental visit every time

    • The Center | Puy - Dental clinic in Barcelona

      A relaxing and calming dental visit every time

    • The Center | Puy - Dental clinic in Barcelona

      A relaxing and calming dental visit every time

    • The Center | Puy - Dental clinic in Barcelona

      A relaxing and calming dental visit every time

    • The Center | Puy - Dental clinic in Barcelona
    • The Center | Puy - Dental clinic in Barcelona

    Exceptional results and incredibly caring comfort

     “Puy Dental Center in Barcelona is a family dream come true, where tradition and experience coexist with innovation and technology. A dental clinic designed with care and dedication, to offer you a unique attention, with a maximum of comfort and to deliver exceptional results.”

    Dr. Linda Ortega Puy

    Cutting-edge installations and technology

    Idstress Room | Odontologic and training center

    Idstress Room

    The comfort and well-being of our patients is of great importance to us and for this reason we have created a space for renewal, which together with the attention and care of our staff and the necessary technologies and techniques, will transform the visit to the dentist into something pleasant where You can find an atmosphere of relaxation and meditation.

    Idstress Room is an independent room, for individual use, with dim lighting, comfortable sofas, projection of images, music and relaxing videos.

    Dental Imaging | Odontologic and training center

    Dental Imaging

    All our treatments begin with initial and final photographs, which follow a standard protocol. This allows optimizing the diagnosis and treatment forecast, as well as allowing the planning and assembly of cases.

    3D computer tomography | Odontologic and training center

    3D computer tomography

    The 3D radiograph of the skull is a complementary diagnostic method fundamental for the planning of surgical interventions.

    Allows the study of “cuts” or cross sections of the living tissues. It allows for the differentiation of bone density, volume and availability, as well as the diagnosis and study of abnormalities.

    Periapical, Panoramic and Cephalic Digital Radiography | Odontologic and training center

    Periapical, Panoramic and Cephalic Digital Radiography

    Digital technology exposes patients to a lower amount of radiation and is essential in for the planning and treatment of teeth. It allows the detection of pathologies such as caries, abscesses and fractures in their initial phase. Essential for root visualization, treatments such as implant placement, endodontics and planning of orthodontic cases.

    Designed for children and training their dental hygiene techniques | Odontologic and training center

    Designed for children and training their dental hygiene techniques

    Our treatments begin with prevention.  At Puy Center we teach the little ones to brush their teeth in a fun and practical way.

    Every age has its charm and so deserves your smile. | Odontologic and training center

    Every age has its charm and so deserves your smile.

    Dentistry for you, your family and friends. We’ll be successful if our patients enjoy coming back to us and when they share their experience about our remarkable smooth operations, with their family and friends.

    Armchairs designed for “Comfort Dental Care” | Odontologic and training center

    Armchairs designed for “Comfort Dental Care”

    Our exceptional facilities bring greater comfort and relaxation to patients during treatment sessions. The smooth, even surfaces of our dental units make cleaning easy, ensuring flawless external infection control, a crucial element for safe dental treatment. All critical components can also be autoclaved and the cuspidor can be removed for easy cleaning.

    Our advanced water treatment solutions ensure that all the water entering the patient’s mouth is clean, ensuring a safe environment for both the patient and the dental team.

    Intraoral camera | Odontologic and training center

    Intraoral camera

    All our cabinets include an intraoral camera; technology that helps exploring and identification by dentists improving the effectiveness of treatment. Its lens function as the human eye and allows the easy capture of explicit and detailed images that facilitate the vision and understanding of treatment by our patients.

    Ultrasound EMS | Odontologic and training center

    Ultrasound EMS

    At Puy Center all the cabinets have the technology “No pain” of the piezoelectric treatment equipment AIRFLOW RPOPHYLAXIS MASTER®, and PERIOFLOW® that provide a quick and pleasant removal of plaque and tartar. Thanks to the fact that at Centro Puy we have this technology, we can carry out a treatment protocol called “Biofilm Guided Therapy” that allows us to eliminate bacterial plaque and tartar in an effective and precise way without damaging gums, enamel, fillings, or implants. Furthermore we eliminate the teeth stains without being aggressive.

    Ozone therapy | Odontologic and training center

    Ozone therapy

    Ozone therapy was accepted in dentistry in 2005, when the British author Edward Lynch published the book “Ozone: The Revolution in Dentistry”, which revolutionized the way ozone is used in dentistry.

    Originally, the main application of ozone was the prevention and remineralization of teeth, both in children and adults, which was expanded to different specialties with great success. Today it is used in pediatric dentistry, periodontics, surgery, bio-sterilization, endodontics and esthetic therapies, as a complement to basic treatments.

    Magnification | Odontologic and training center


    Binocular graduated loupes provide greater accuracy due to their magnification. These are made to measure, to adapt not only to the doctor’s vision, but also to the way he works. This prismatic magnifying glass provides an enlargement that allows to work to the smallest detail, resulting in aesthetic and biologically more precise, faster and safer work.

    Guided Oral Surgery | Odontologic and training center

    Guided Oral Surgery

    Guided oral surgery requires the use of computerized tomography (CT) images of the patient for planning and execution of implant surgery through computer software.

    It is an innovative technique that allows to increase the rigor and precision of the planning and execution of dental implant surgery. To do this, identical molds of the patient’s mouth and a CT scan are made before the surgery, so that it is possible to study the case with a specific software to design the surgical guide based on this previous study.

    This technique offers many benefits, such as greater precision and safety, treatment predictability and shorter surgery time. Because of this flawless technique, the patient will show shorter scarring time and less bleeding and pain. This technique also enables the execution of “immediate loading” – that is, having fixed teeth in the implants the same day of surgery.

    Advanced and Minimally Invasive Surgery | Odontologic and training center

    Advanced and Minimally Invasive Surgery

    At Puy Center we use state-of-the-art technology in our surgical acts, we have a piezoelectric surgical equipment of advanced ultrasonic technology that facilitates the work of the oral surgeon or the implantologist . It helps to reduce the pain and promotes the acceleration of the healing process, allowing the  soft tissues to remain intact.

    Also inside the operating room we have a surgical lamp of LED power that maintains a visual field perfectly illuminated without shadows or generation of any type of heat on the patient.