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      Teeth whitening:

      Get that bright white smile you deserve!

    ¿How to make your teeth whiter?

    The color of your teeth is genetically determined and depends mainly on the color and thickness of the enamel and dentin, this is under the enamel. However, tea, coffee, wine or cigarettes and certain drugs cause the teeth to turn yellow. The degree of discoloration also depends on age. Teeth whitening is one of the easiest solutions to obtain one or more teeth of up to 10 whiter shades, restoring stained or discolored teeth to a healthy and natural color.

    Treatment procedure

    Our dental specialists always start with an aesthetic analysis of your teeth. In some cases, it may happen that tooth whitening is not the most optimal solution for a whiter appearance. For example, placing veneers, implants or replacing discolored fillings can also lead to the desired result.

    Together with this, we evaluate if the current color of your teeth can be bleached or not. If your teeth are healthy enough, and teeth whitening is the right solution for you, we will determine the exact color of your teeth using a color pen and discuss your individual options.

    In our clinic we mainly use the professional programs of teeth whitening (external teeth whitening) and internal (teeth whitening). These are the most reliable, safe and professional teeth whitening methods that can only be performed by dental specialists.

    There are two methods of external whitening: professional whitening at home and professional whitening at our clinic (office whitening, a one-time accelerated treatment).

    By choosing the professional whitening method at home, you will take home a custom made mouth tray and syringes to whiten your teeth. This is the safest and cheapest method, but it requires more treatments and there is no direct professional guidance.

    When you choose professional whitening in our clinic, your teeth will be bleached by a highly trained dental specialist during a single treatment. Then you will be given a package of aftercare products to take home. The result is more durable and the risk of ingesting an active substance is minimal, but it is more expensive.

    Internal whitening (from within) is mainly applied to a discolored tooth, usually caused by trauma, or an old root canal treatment. This effective method leads to a very lasting result when you want to restore the original color of your tooth or root.

    Make teeth clearer

    After our treatments, the final result is immediately visible and your teeth will look many lighter shades. In general, your teeth will look whiter for many more years, as long as you take care of your teeth and regularly visit your dental hygienist.