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    • Team | Puy - Dental clinic Barcelona

      We make people smile naturally

    A culture of excellence in dental healthcare and aesthetics in Barcelona

    We offer our patients the finest dental care in Barcelona and a prompt customer service, without exceptions.

    First when someone arrives is we talk to them, we want to listen to their concerns and discuss their needs. We want to know how they feel about their smile and how we can make them happy.


    Linda Ortega Puy | Odontologic and training center

    Linda Ortega Puy

    “Prevention is the key to success”


    Linda inherited from her mother the passion for dentistry and care for patients. Her base as a specialist in Periodontics allows her to offer the patient an integral treatment based on the oral tissues health. She specializes in soft tissue management and periodontal plastic surgery.


    Linda is excited that her patients say “in your hands I feel good” and that they trust her 100%. Loves her family and enjoy little things in life.


    –Degree in Dentistry. Specialist in Periodontics. Master in Oral Rehabilitation and Occlusion. Clinical Residency in Implants and Implant Prostheses. Master in invisalign. Postgraduate in Advanced Dental Aesthetics. Doctorate in Clinical Stomatological Techniques.


    Collegiate No. 5861



    Rosalinda Puy Kraemer | Odontologic and training center

    Rosalinda Puy Kraemer

    “Inspiration and experience for the Puy team”


    Rosalinda’s vocation has always been to help others. Dentistry gave her the opportunity to bring health and well-being, with the warmth and care that we all deserve. She appreciates the words of affection from her patients, especially children, when they tell her that they want to be a dentist like her when they grow older.


    She loves to gather around a table with the people she cares for, and prepare a delicious meal for them.


    –Degree in Dentistry. Specialist in High Aesthetic Fixed Prosthesis. Specialist in Jaw Orthopedics.


    Collegiate Nº 4033

    Sol Frau Sancho | Odontologic and training center

    Sol Frau Sancho

    “Following the protocols ensures success”

    Sol studied dentistry because she liked the area of health, when she had to choose her specialty, opting for oral surgery, she says that surgery allows her to achieve health in her patients in a definitive way.

    Always works under strict protocols, likes the precision and accuracy in all its procedures, always accompanied by the sweetness that characterizes her.

    She enjoys traveling the world a lot, she tries to combine her work with her love for travel.

    – Bachelor of Dentistry. Master’s Degree in Medicine, Oral Surgery and Implantology.

    Collegiate Nº 1083CODIB

    Santiago Carreras Figols | Odontologic and training center

    Santiago Carreras Figols

    “It is necessary to have clear objectives to achieve success”


    He began as a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery from the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Barcelona, but his great desire was to be a dentist so he specialized in Stomatology in Paris to achieve it. He has developed advanced studies in implantology at the Branermark center. He is an organizer and speaker at various National and International Courses and Congresses. He is visiting professor of the Master of Oral Surgery of the Faculty of Dentistry of the CEU University of Valencia, and of the Master of Aesthetics of the Faculty of Dentistry of the International University of Catalonia.


    –Graduate in medicine and surgery. – Clinical Course of Surgical Training on Implants. – Advanced Implant Surgery Specialist Course. – Organizer and speaker at various National and International Courses and Congresses.


    Collegiate No. 1400

    Gustavo Rodríguez Millán | Odontologic and training center

    Gustavo Rodríguez Millán

    “Careful and patient work will get us to the goal”

    He has followed in the footsteps of his mother who has inspired him to develop the same specialty, citizen very much the details from start to finish.

    He obtained a Master’s degree in Endodontics and at the same time he obtained a Master’s degree in Clinical Research and Materials in Dentistry from the International University of Catalonia, which makes him passionate about dental biomaterials. He is an implantologist and a Doctor of Dentistry.

    For these achievements he has been invited to join the International University of Catalonia as Professor of the Master in Endodontics.

    –Degree in Dentistry from the University Master in Endodontics – Master in Clinical Research and Materials in Dentistry. – Postgraduate in Oral Implantology. – Doctor of Dentistry.

    Collegiate No. 6281

    Yinneth Orozco | Odontologic and training center

    Yinneth Orozco


    “Teamwork makes us what we are”

    Dedicated to the patient care area, she is friendly and always greets you with a smile.

    In charge of planning the Center and managing patients.