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    We make people smile naturally

A culture of excellence in dental healthcare and aesthetics in Barcelona

We offer our patients the finest dental care in Barcelona and a prompt customer service, without exceptions.

First when someone arrives is we talk to them, we want to listen to their concerns and discuss their needs. We want to know how they feel about their smile and how we can make them happy.


Linda Ortega Puy | Odontologic and training center

Linda Ortega Puy

“Prevention is the key to success”


Linda inherited from her mother the passion for dentistry and care for patients. Her base as a specialist in Periodontics allows her to offer the patient an integral treatment based on the oral tissues health. She specializes in soft tissue management and periodontal plastic surgery.


Linda is excited that her patients say “in your hands I feel good” and that they trust her 100%. Loves her family and enjoy little things in life.


–Degree in Dentistry. Specialist in Periodontics. Master in Oral Rehabilitation and Occlusion. Clinical Residency in Implants and Implant Prostheses. Postgraduate in Advanced Dental Aesthetics. Doctorate in Clinical Stomatological Techniques.


Collegiate No. 5861



Rosalinda Puy Kraemer | Odontologic and training center

Rosalinda Puy Kraemer

“Inspiration and experience for the Puy team”


Rosalinda’s vocation has always been to help others. Dentistry gave her the opportunity to bring health and well-being, with the warmth and care that we all deserve. She appreciates the words of affection from her patients, especially children, when they tell her that they want to be a dentist like her when they grow older.


She loves to gather around a table with the people she cares for, and prepare a delicious meal for them.


–Degree in Dentistry. Specialist in High Aesthetic Fixed Prosthesis. Specialist in Jaw Orthopedics.


Collegiate Nº 4033

Erika Tellez Recinas | Odontologic and training center

Erika Tellez Recinas

“Natural smiles, like you.”


Erika’s maximum motivation is to help her patients achieve a beautiful and natural smile, helping them to feel happy and confident. When her patients tell her “I did not feel anything” during the treatment and see their look of appreciation, she feels very happy.


 Her family gives her all the energy she needs to deliver the best of herself to the patients


–Degree in Dentistry. Master of Aesthetics in Anterior Teeth. Master of Implantology and Prosthetics. Whitening Systems Consultant for Butler Sunstar.


Collegiate nº 4127


Ramón Buenechea Imaz | Odontologic and training center

Ramón Buenechea Imaz

“Health and dental aesthetics without complications.”


Ramon chose his career for vocation and the specialty of maxillofacial surgery by chance. Now he enjoys it so much that he would not change it for anything.


He is methodical, precise and meticulous in his work, and he is happy when he is told “what hands you have, Doctor!”. Their human quality and professionalism make their patients calm and confident during the surgery. And that’s fabulous! Passionate about sports, he has played rugby for years and now enjoys running and golf.


–Graduate in medicine and surgery. Specialist in Stomatology. Specialist in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. Doctorate in Medicine and Surgery.


Collegiate nº 25073

Carles Pressegue Jorba | Odontologic and training center

Carles Pressegue Jorba

“Restore your smile and increase your confidence”


Since childhood Carles has been in contact with dentistry and has acquired passion and dedication for his profession from his mother dentist. When studying the career he decided to choose the specialty of endodontics because he manages to relax during treatments, enjoys human quality and a good work environment.


He is an active person, who has always combined studies with competitive sport.


–Degree in Dentistry. European Master in Endodontics. Director of Radiodiagnostic installation by the Nuclear Safety Council.


Collegiate nº 7224

Joana Planas Callicó | Odontologic and training center

Joana Planas Callicó

“Perfect smiles for children and adults”


Joana has lived the profession from within all her life. Her father is a stomatologist and she dreamed of being like him.


She chose orthodontics because it causes an evident transformation in her patients, both aesthetic and functional. They feel happy with the results and she feels happy to see the results of her work on them.


–Degree in Dentistry. Master of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics. Postgraduate in Orthognathic Surgery and Surgical Orthodontics. Master’s Degree in Clinical Research and Biomaterials. Postgraduate in Microscopic Endodontics.


Collegiate nº 6188


Lara Concellón Fonchesato | Odontologic and training center

Lara Concellón Fonchesato

Since Lara finished her studies as a dentist he wanted to specialize in treating children. Enjoy being able to treat, share and learn from the little ones. She has managed to enrich his specialty by learning the management of holistic dentistry and thus be able to give her patients the most natural option. She also has constant contact with the management of pediatric specialty patients and is a graduate professor of pediatric dentistry.


–Degree in Dentistry. Master in Pediatric Dentistry. Master in Dental Sciences


Collegiate nº 6355

Verónica Galvan Ortíz | Odontologic and training center

Verónica Galvan Ortíz

Oral Hygienist

“Care and pampering for your dental health.”


As a child, Vero was fascinated to go to the dentist and she was clear that she wanted to accompany the patients so they would be relaxed and happy at the clinic. She grabs your hand when you need it, always has a smile ready and is able to understand how you feel at a glance.


She is yogi, adventurer and surfer apprentice.

Mónica Calvo Reyes | Odontologic and training center

Mónica Calvo Reyes

Dental assitant

“Warmth and closeness for your maximum tranquility.”


She always knew that she would be engaged in a profession related to health and based on relationships with people.


She loves to treat patients so that they feel safe and confident, before, during and after their treatment.


Enjoy the cultural life of Barcelona and feel very fortunate to live in such a cosmopolitan city.

Guillermina Dalmau | Odontologic and training center

Guillermina Dalmau

Sterilization and disinfection

“Biosecurity in the dental practice”


Focused on carrying out the disinfection, sterilization and instrument processing protocols of the Puy Center.