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    Rosalinda Puy Kraemer

    Rosalinda Puy Kraemer | Odontologic and training center
    16 of August

    Rosalinda Puy Kraemer

    “Inspiration and experience for the Puy team”


    Rosalinda’s vocation has always been to help others. Dentistry gave her the opportunity to bring health and well-being, with the warmth and care that we all deserve. She appreciates the words of affection from her patients, especially children, when they tell her that they want to be a dentist like her when they grow older.


    She loves to gather around a table with the people she cares for, and prepare a delicious meal for them.


    –Degree in Dentistry. Specialist in High Aesthetic Fixed Prosthesis. Specialist in Jaw Orthopedics.


    Collegiate Nº 4033

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