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    Linda Ortega Puy

    Linda Ortega Puy | Odontologic and training center
    5 of July

    Linda Ortega Puy

    “Prevention is the key to success”


    Linda inherited from her mother the passion for dentistry and care for patients. Her base as a specialist in Periodontics allows her to offer the patient an integral treatment based on the oral tissues health. She specializes in soft tissue management and periodontal plastic surgery.


    Linda is excited that her patients say “in your hands I feel good” and that they trust her 100%. Loves her family and enjoy little things in life.


    –Degree in Dentistry. Specialist in Periodontics. Master in Oral Rehabilitation and Occlusion. Clinical Residency in Implants and Implant Prostheses. Master in invisalign. Postgraduate in Advanced Dental Aesthetics. Doctorate in Clinical Stomatological Techniques.


    Collegiate No. 5861



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