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    Gustavo Rodríguez Millán

    Gustavo Rodríguez Millán | Odontologic and training center
    27 of September

    Gustavo Rodríguez Millán

    “Careful and patient work will get us to the goal”

    He has followed in the footsteps of his mother who has inspired him to develop the same specialty, citizen very much the details from start to finish.

    He obtained a Master’s degree in Endodontics and at the same time he obtained a Master’s degree in Clinical Research and Materials in Dentistry from the International University of Catalonia, which makes him passionate about dental biomaterials. He is an implantologist and a Doctor of Dentistry.

    For these achievements he has been invited to join the International University of Catalonia as Professor of the Master in Endodontics.

    –Degree in Dentistry from the University Master in Endodontics – Master in Clinical Research and Materials in Dentistry. – Postgraduate in Oral Implantology. – Doctor of Dentistry.

    Collegiate No. 6281

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