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    "The natural thing is to take care of yourself."
    Proper prevention will extend the life of your teeth, avoiding pain, discomfort and eventually the loss of any of them. The two most common diseases of the mouth are caries and periodontal disease (gums). If you visit your dentist regularly and follow proper hygiene guidelines, you will be able to avoid them, delay their appearance or control their progress. The most common treatments in the field of prevention are oral cleaning, fluoridation, fissure seals... but there are also preventive measures related to diet and certain lifestyle habits. Come and discover them at Puy Center.
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    Frequent questions

    How often do I have to have a dental checkup?

    It depends on many factors but, generally, we recommend that you visit your dentist every 6 months or at least once a year.

    What is the most effective method to prevent cavities?

    The basis of any caries prevention program is the daily use of fluoride toothpaste combined with instructions on oral hygiene.

    In addition, there are other complementary preventive methods such as advice on diet, use of topical fluoride and fissure sealants, are also important.

    At what age is it advisable to start using toothpaste with fluoride?

    According to the EAPD (European Academy of Pediatric Dentistry), the recommendations for the use of fluoride toothpaste are:

    • Between 6 months and 2 years, twice a day with a toothpaste with 500ppm of fluoride and the amount similar to a pea.
    • Between 2 and 6 years, twice a day with a toothpaste with between 1,000 and 1,450 ppm of fluoride and the amount similar to a pea.
    • Above 6 years, twice a day with a toothpaste with 1,450ppm of fluoride and the amount of 1 to 2 cm.

    Why is there more and more talk about gum health? Can gum disease be prevented?

    Gum disease is still the “great stranger” because it is not painful and progresses slowly. In advanced stages can lead to loss of teeth, deterioration of the gum and supporting bone of the tooth.

    Can it be prevented? Of course.

    The best way to prevent or delay its appearance is to eliminate bacterial plaque through daily brushing and flossing.

    Regular visits to the dentist for a professional cleaning and consultation with the periodontist (specialist in gum disease) are the perfect complement.

    Eating a healthy diet rich in vitamins A and C and avoiding the consumption of tobacco and alcohol are also recommended preventive measures.

    What is a fissure seal and what is it for?

    Fissure sealing is a very effective treatment to prevent caries of pits and fissures in children (the most common).

    What we do is placing a transparent or white material in the pits and fissures of those teeth that are susceptible to the development of caries, acting as a physical barrier that prevents the access of bacteria to the surface of the teeth, as well as the deposit of bacterial residue (which is the source of nutrients for bacteria).

    Fissure sealing is indicated in children at high risk of tooth decay and should be performed as soon as possible (at the end of teeth eruption).

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