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    "Healthy gums, healthy teeth".
    Your mouth is much more than pretty white teeth. Your gums and the bone that holds the teeth in position, are essential to enjoy full oral health. The Spanish Society of Periodontics claims that almost 60% of adults between 35 and 44 years old suffer from gingivitis (inflammation of the gums), and that more than 25% have periodontitis or "pyorrhea". That is why it is so important that you go to your periodic reviews with the periodontist. If your gums ache, have them swollen or bleed, contact us as soon as possible so we can have you checked.
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    Frequent questions

    How can I prevent gum disease?

    Go to the dentist office regularly to see if you have plaque. If so, we will perform a professional oral cleaning.

    Complete your hygiene and keep your gums healthy with:

    • Proper and frequent brushing.
    • The correct use of dental floss.
    • The use of antibacterial rinses.
    • Professional cleaning twice a year.

    What gum diseases are the most common?

    The Spanish Society of Periodontics and Osseointegration states that almost 60% of adults between 35 and 44 years in our country suffer from gingivitis, or inflammation of the gums, while more than 25% live with periodontitis or “pyorrhea” as it was known previously.

    In these cases, what happens is that tartar builds up in the patient’s teeth and is introduced under the gums, causing destruction of the supporting tissues of the teeth.

    How do I know if I need periodontal treatment?

    A healthy gingiva does not hurt, is not inflamed, or bleeds.

    If you suffer from any of these symptoms, something is failing, and you need periodontal treatment.

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