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    What is a Dental CT or Dental CBCT?

    What is a Dental CT or Dental CBCT? | Odontologic and training center
    19 of September

    What is a Dental CT or Dental CBCT?

    Computerized Axial Tomography (CT) is a diagnostic aid system through images.

    It consists of a beam of X-rays that makes transverse shots of the dentures, which are then reconstructed by a computer to transform them into very accurate images, thus helping the dentist to observe the dental structures perfectly.

    At Centro Puy we have our own TAC equipment to provide you with maximum reliability and comfort.

    And rest assured, the dose of radiation to perform the dental CT is up to 90% lower than that you receive with conventional radiographs. In addition, our team works with ultra low dose certified radiation.

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