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    How do I know if my child has dyslexia?

    How do I know if my child has dyslexia? | Odontologic and training center
    19 of September

    How do I know if my child has dyslexia?

    Dyslexia is much more complex than “confusing letters when reading”. In fact, dyslexia is also shown in your child’s personality.

    Is it extremely disordered or, on the contrary, compulsively ordered? Perfectionist? Very sensible? Does he/she have sudden mood swings? Is he/she curious and very creative? All of these can be symptoms of your dyslexia as well.

    In addition, pay attention to these signs:

    • When your child reads: confuses letters, changes syllables, replaces words, reads but does not understand, adds letters or words where there are not …
    • When your child writes: change place of letters, omit them, add them, do not understand their writing, commit many spelling mistakes, pick up the pencil in a different way …
    • When your son calculates: does he have difficulty controlling the time, difficulty handling the clock, or accounting with money ??…
    • When your child coordinates: Does he/she have difficulty to tie the buttons, cut the steak, ride a bike, skate … or confuse up and down, right and left …??
    • When your child memorizes: Does he/she have a hard time remembering what learned the day before, is he/she easily distracted by sounds, learns better when  taught using graphs, images or icons, or is it harder  when it comes to texts.
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