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    How can I prevent bottle cavities?

    How can I prevent bottle cavities? | Odontologic and training center
    11 of July

    How can I prevent bottle cavities?

    Beginning with a small exercise hygiene from babyhood, applying a wet gauze in their little teeth or gums when they are not present yet.

    Keep them from sleeping with the bottle. The contact of the food with the teeth throughout the night is what gives rise to the bottle caries.

    Avoid also giving juices, drinks and sugary foods and pastries between meals if they will not brush their teeth, and feed them with a healthy diet since childhood.

    And above all, do not forget to brush (clean) your baby’s teeth!

    When the little one has the autonomy to brush with his own brush, let him do it on his own. Give good example by doing it together, and make sure you’ve done a good job finishing brushing if necessary.

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