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    Parent Handbook: Helping Your Child to Overcome Your Fear of a Dentist.

    Parent Handbook: Helping Your Child to Overcome Your Fear of a Dentist. | Odontologic and training center
    19 of July

    Parent Handbook: Helping Your Child to Overcome Your Fear of a Dentist.

    We all have memories of when we were kids and we went to the dentist, right?

    The noise of the “drill” (or dental lathe) and the odors of the clinic are difficult to erase.

    In most cases, they are unpleasant memories.

    Although the times change, and new and modern methods have emerged that make the visit to the dentist much more pleasant, for almost all the children that first visit has many negative connotations, in spite of the young age that they can have.

    In Centro Puy we have proposed that no child is afraid to go to the dentist, and that is why we have created for you this practical guide.

    We will begin by saying that fear of the dentist is called odontophobia, and both children and adults suffer from it.

    But how can you help your children overcome this fear?

    Following these recommendations:

    1. At your next dental appointment, ask your dentist to allow you to take your child as a spectator. Surely it will be a fun experience for your little one, and in addition to watching how his father (or mother) behaves in the consultation, will gain confidence for when his turn comes. For the child, this visit will count as the first and, if it is a pleasant experience, will positively influence the way you see the next visits.
    2. In addition to looking for a dentist specializing in pediatric patients, take the necessary time and make sure that this professional is pleasant and caring with children. As parents, we always have an idea of ​​how people who interact with our children should be. And we want them to generate trust and not fear.
    3. If possible, take your children to clinics or dental centers that are set for children. Occasionally, elements as seemingly simple as a cartoon gown instead of a white coat may be important to a child.
    4. Talk to your little one about the importance of visiting the dentist. Nobody better than you to explain in detail this subject and listen to your child’s fears. If you do not know what is causing you fear, you will not be able to help, and in many cases are simple and modifiable during the consultation. You will be amazed at the positive results you can achieve if you spend time at this point.
    5. Avoid using phrases that incite fear like “if you behave badly, they will puncture you” or “stay still so they do not hurt you”. There are negative words that we consider “prohibited” as: pain, injection, puncture, fear, damage, etc. Without realizing it, you send alert messages that predispose more to your child and do not favor that it overcomes that fear. Replace them with reassuring phrases like “everything is going well”, “quiet, your dentist knows that you are very brave and you will do phenomenal”.
    6. During the consultation allows the professional to handle the situation. In some cases, that fear is passed on by the parents, not having full confidence in how the dentist will conduct the consultation.
    7. The accompaniment of the parents during the visit is fundamental to generate safety in the child. However, there are pediatric dentists who prefer that during treatment the child says goodbye to their parents and remains alone, depending on the type of treatment to be performed.

    When the time comes, follow your recommendations with confidence and confidence. She will be watching over your son’s well-being. And, in the case of Centro Puy, you will be able to see them through a glass wall.

    1. After the consultation, congratulate your child and use phrases that make him feel proud of his behavior during the visit to the dentist.Invite your child to tell others about their experience with the dentist.
    2. It is a way for you to feel proud of your courage and to return to the next consultation with a positive attitude.
      Educating a child demands great doses of patience and pampering. You already know that 🙂

    We hope these tips will help you eliminate the fear of your little ones.

    Do you have any questions about your children’s dental health? Have not you yet come to your appointment with the pediatric dentist? Come to Centro Puy in the center of Barcelona!

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