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      Dental veneers:

      Improved color, shape and overall appearance of your teeth

    Why choose dental veneers?

    Dental veneers are a treatment option for people who need to improve the aesthetics of their teeth in the area of ​​the smile, whether by the position, shape or color of the teeth. Among the advantages of dental veneers is that the results can be obtained quickly and in the dental clinic Puy our specialist in Dental Aesthetics, Dr. Erika Téllez tries to touch your natural teeth as little as possible to prepare dental veneers.

    Dental veneers can be made of different materials, the most used are usually ceramic or composite, the decision of the material will depend on each particular case, Dr. Erika Téllez will help you decide which is the best option for you giving you all the necessary information To make the decision.

    Dental veneers are almost transparent sheets, made of extremely thin ceramic or porcelain. The Puy dental clinic has the great fortune of working as a team with a cutting-edge dental laboratory, recognized throughout Europe as the best potter, thus achieving completely natural and unrecognizable results.

    We will explain in a few steps the process of ceramic dental veneers, remember that each case is different and a prior assessment is necessary to adapt the process to your needs:

    Step 1:

    We begin with an aesthetic analysis of your teeth and your face, then we continue with an extensive dental exam to know your mouth in detail and photographs are taken before treatment. Dr. Erika could do a test directly on your teeth so you can see the final result before placing the veneers and can answer all your questions regarding dental veneers.

    We will also take a mold from your mouth and your veneers are made in wax so you can see them and Dr. Erika Téllez can work on that study model and study your case thoroughly.

    Step 2:

    In this visit the preparation of the teeth that will carry the dental veneers is carried out, in some cases it is necessary to carve the teeth a little and in other cases it is not necessary to touch them, so it depends on the case once this step is done, provisional veneers are placed while Your veneers are manufactured in the laboratory.

    Step 3:

    This is the big day: Placing the veneers, after this visit you will go to the premiere with your cemented dental veneers. It is important that you go to your routine checkups to keep your teeth healthy and your veneers as beautiful as the first day.

    In this video you can appreciate the procedure of preparation and placement of the dental veneers:


    Make your appointment with the Dra. Erika Téllez and re-discover the beauty of your smile thanks to the dental venners in the Puy dental clinic. Click here