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    5 reasons why you should not be afraid of implants.

    5 reasons why you should not be afraid of implants. | Odontologic and training center
    19 of July

    5 reasons why you should not be afraid of implants.

    Dental implants have been used for many years as a substitute for lost dental pieces.

    Being the most conservative and comfortable alternative for the patient has led to a breakthrough in this area.

    However, some people are satisfied with removable dentures (remove and put on) just for fear of giving way to a solution that will provide them with much more comfort and well-being.

    If you have lost a tooth or a tooth, or you feel uncomfortable with your dental prosthesis, you should not fear the idea of ​​implanting an implant.

    Feeling good about yourself is a priority and that is why we are giving you strong reasons why you should not postpone your decision.

    Are you afraid of implants? We help you to clear your doubts so that you can see the smile you want:

    1. Placement is NOT painful. One of the most disturbing things about implants is the idea that the procedure is traumatic. But it’s not like that. They are always performed under the effect of local anesthesia and are placed by highly qualified professionals, specialists in implant surgery who are prepared to handle any situation before, during or after treatment. Knowing that you will be treated by people specifically prepared for this procedure always provides great security, right?
    2. Comfort. Undoubtedly, the comfort experienced by patients with implants is superior to that achieved with another type of prosthesis. Your chewing sensation will be very similar to the one you have with your own natural teeth.
    3. Long-term solution. Proper maintenance can last for many years. It is estimated that, on average, about 20. That yes, it requires your collaboration. That is why it is so important that you have good hygiene and, above all, that you go to your clinic every 6 months. In the reviews, your doctor will remove the bacteria that may be in the recesses, control your brushing technique, and make sure the gum surrounding your implant is in good condition.
    4. They are not placed “blindly”. Before carrying out the procedure, it is planned in great detail and proper preparation of the patient is performed. One of the elements that will guarantee the success of the placement of your implant is that the specialist identifies the amount and quality of bone available through different imaging studies, such as dental CAT scan. In addition, it determines if the anatomical structures adjacent to the space where the implant, both bone and gum will be placed, are in an optimal state. All this minimizes the risk of failure of implant placement. If you suffer any illness, the implantologist will also take it into account. Even if you have diabetes or risk of osteoporosis, a good specialist will help you find the right alternative for you.
    5. Low failure rate. There is talk of failure when, for various reasons, the implant does not integrate properly into the bone of the jaw or jaw. Fortunately, this happens infrequently. In recent studies, such problems have been observed in only 2% of cases *. In addition, technology in relation to implantology is continuously advancing, and the use of modern materials significantly improves osseointegration (bone-to-implant bonding), further reducing failure rates. What factors increase this percentage? An uncontrolled diabetes or smoking more than 10 cigarettes a day. That’s why your implantologist will do a thorough study of your health status, medication and habits before performing the intervention.
      (*) MG-OSSEOUS implants. Multicenter retrospective study. MG-OSSEOUS implants. A multicentric retrospective study:

    Are you valuing the option of wearing implants? Solve all your doubts in Puy Center.

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