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    Dental clinic in Barcelona for the whole family.

    In the Puy dental clinic we are prepared to meet your needs: dental pain, bleeding gums, dental implants, cosmetic dentistry, teeth whitening, orthodontics, among others. Based on comprehensive treatments always with the most advanced treatment options and the latest technologies, adapting to the budget of your possibilities.

    From the central belief of the Puy team and its high quality work we believe that we can make a difference by creating unique experiences. We have in our DNA that all our patients deserve quality dental care. Our genuine treatment will make patients feel comfortable, recognized, understood and appreciated.

    Biological dentistry | Odontologic and training center

    Biological dentistry

    We use only the best biocompatible materials, always with the excellence we offer at Puy.

    It is the next level of dentistry, and it analyzes the human body as a whole, combining various areas of dentistry with the holistic component of general medicine. Everything is connected.


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